Girls' development

Lorsqu´une promenade dans les montagnes peut devenir un grand saut pour les femmes

Si les femmes ont passé les dernières décennies essayant de trouver une place parmi les hommes, à Népal il existe un groupe de femmes qui cherche à se séparer d´eux. Au moyen d´une entreprise de tourisme gérée seulement par des femmes- et pour des femmes- les népalaises ont gagné plus de confiance en elles-mêmes, de l´éducation et de l´indépendance.

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No More Dead End Scores for Kenyan Kids: Building a WISERBridge to Secondary School

WISERBridge promotes equal access to higher education by improving primary students’ academic outcomes through remedial student revision courses, targeted teacher professional development, streamlined benchmark assessments, collaboration between students, parents and educators, and an incentivized pay system.  WISERBridge enforces accountability to student performance, empowering students, teachers and parents through its vision.


IkamvaYouth is a by-youth, for-youth non-profit organisation that enables disadvantaged South African youth to get themselves out of poverty and into university. Its simple but comprehensive model is highly effective, and ensures that learners get the grades, information, skills and support they need to move from secondary to tertiary education.


For more than one decade, the quality of education and educational infrastrucutures have been decreasing in Mali. As a result, le level of students is boming very low thus influencing negatively the quality of human resources. Moreover, children from underprivileged groups or poor households seem to be excluded from the educational system.

ECOVC- juvinille project

Education Concern for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children is currently working with children/youth in and out of remand homes under the ECOVC- juvinille project. creating oppotunities to education for them, mentoring, guiding and counselling them so they can positively be intergrated back into the community and have second chance to education. those who dropped out of the school system but want to get back, get private tutoring in reading, writing and maths so they can catch up with others.



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