Girls' development

The Garden Spot

C.A.R.E.S. has taken on the motto, "CARES Goes Green", where we plan to educate children between the ages of 6 through 18 about nature, health, environment, and the benefits of the going green movement.

The children will work hand in hand with community volunteers, church members and Bidwell Training Center staff to develop a flower and vegetable garden that will enhance their lives and the community.

Designing Your Destiny

A thematic-based summer arts program will be designed to introduce youth from underserved communities to various art styles through the creative integration of hands-on cultural art projects and exposure to careers in the arts. The youth will create the projects and have a culminating event to display their work or showcase their art form.

Maria Mother of Charity Relief Home

An indeginous charity which is innovative and supportive to its local communities. It is self-sustaining and selfless. it is dependant on its local ideas and involves the communities in all its dealings. This charity has no dependancy on donor funds and it has been helping the needy since 2003 out of its own funds, very rare of today's charity organisation.



main Kasama
10° 12' 4.4964" S, 31° 11' 28.788" E

Ahazaza Independent School

To promote first class nursery, primary and eventually secondary education to a previously tribally divided, war-torn area and to recruit children from every background, living in the countryside (rather than those in townships) particularly the poorest and the orphaned, in order to provide them with the opportunity for top quality education.