Child exploitation

Betty Sharon

betty sharon is a renowned gbv activist in coast province kenya. she worked single handedly with the women internally displaced people in mombasa kenya in 2008. This she did by offering the women socio counselling food clothes , taking them to hospitals following up if they take the medicine at the right time and locating probono lawyers for them as they were vulnerables that could not afford the fee of lawyers. she also thrive in girl child empowerment.



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Fighting violence against women and discrimination against victims in Cambodia

Most of NGOs provide assistance and awareness-raising to prevent violence, but few of them focus on reintegration and discrimination. ADHOC, with this new strategy, shows once again its innovative strength. Its unique coverage, with 23 provincial offices and 350 activists reaching out all districts, provides a precious local threshold.

V.I.P. Programme

develop evidence-based prevention programmes for all children to provide them with skills and knowledge to stay safe, change attitudes that lead to violence, empower survivors to break silence and get intervention and tackle inequalities. get prevention into all schools. For those who disclose abuse support and help is provided.

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The Voices of Women Organizing Project

The Voices of Women Organizing Project (VOW) brings together survivors of domestic violence to improve the systems that abused women and their children turn to for safety and justice. VOW provides training, support and technical assistance so that survivors can reclaim their power, identify their needs and collectively craft public recommendations. VOW members organize to promote long-term systemic change by documenting institutional failures, testifying at hearings, creating position papers and meeting with local and state officials.



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CHILDFEST NIGERIA is a project designed to create platform where children of different social background interact and exchange ideas for better governance in Nigeria. The project is the platform for Campaign Against Examination Mal-practice in Nigeria. The project is design to increase quest for academic excellence among Nigerian Children.



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Ruchira Gupta is a Changemaker

Ruchira Gupta is a journalist, activist, and policymaker who has worked relentlessly for the past 25 years to end human trafficking and to empower some of the most marginalized girls and women in the world. She is best known for leading girls and women in prostitution to advocate for their own change though Apne Aap Women Worldwide, a community-based initiative in India that builds up the capacity of girls and women through small “self-help” group structures.