Child exploitation

Ex Novo Brewing Co.


Ex Novo Brewing Co. is a nonprofit brewery in Portland, Oregon with a mission to produce and sell great craft beer while donating 100% of net profits to select organizations working for justice and fighting extreme poverty and oppression on a local and global level. Better Beer for the Greater Good.


Art Antidote


Aid underserved youth in recovery from psychological trauma through art therapy and healing public art installations.

- 150 hours of individualized sessions in a year
- 60 hours of group sessions for communities in a year
- 4 large-scale public art installations in a year
- 300 hours of individualized sessions by year 5
- 6 large-scale public art installations annually by year 5
- continue to scale and increase output years 5-10

Outcome: decrease suicide attempt rate and recovery from trauma in targeted youth.

Measurement System:

Combate a exploração infantil em semáforos através de ferramentas de Geolocalização em aplicativo de celular

Mobilizar a sociedade contra a exploração do trabalho infantil nos semáforos de grandes cidades através do uso de aplicativos de celular com geolocalização, voluntários envolvidos em redes sociais, assistentes sociais, governo e organizações não governamentais.

Kenyans for the Abused Child

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

This is a noble social enterprise project and I need your support to come up with this system. Not only will we give back each as an individual but we would have risen above as a nation to combat this menace that is killing our society, that we are loosing our girls and boys each day.

If funded I will make sure Flow Funding will appear as not only the supporters but also funding body of this project.

Together we can change this nation.


Primary Pupils' Support for Drop outs

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

I have created a database for all pupils studying in primary schools, This will need to be published, improved to ensure it caters for all pupils in the world. Information must be collected, Other volunteers from different parts of the world must be given permission to enter data from their respective countries. I need developers to help me improve this database, i need financiers to help me collect data in my country Uganda.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Schoolbank aims to reach the unreached children and young people by ensuring financial inclusion of children and youth via mobile banking technology.