Child exploitation


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Litabók, a coloring book for grown ups. A social platform for supporting sexually abused victims and social workers in a personal way.

Training Without Borders: The Global Training Healthcare Initiative

Access to Healthcare Information, advances, training and initiatives online is a fantastic way to reach out to those from any and all locations. If surgeons can learn and view a new technique online, why not utilize the internet for training those who may never be able to attend a traditional setting?



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Learning Books

My idea is to create a series of books that will be available to all first peoples in canada and u.s.a. This series of books is regarding the languages of all nations that will be fill in the blank books for adults and children. The approach I plan to take is very formative, and is similar to any learning a new language books for the adults, and for the children's approach i would have more engaging activity such as games, fill in the blanks, and such.

Deep Education Awareness Tour

Par des témoignages et par son nombre de visionnements, les webséries LA DÉSÉDUCATION et LA RÉÉDUCATION ont un impact extraordinaire à elles-seules.

La possibilité d'en incorporer une partie à une conférence d'une durée de deux à trois heures, en présence de son créateur, décuple la profondeur du discours et rejoint davantage le cœur. Cela permet de renforcer sérieusement la réflexion et les actions éducatives qui suivront.