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Media For Society

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Media For Society is a network of artists (filmmakers, designers, photographers and writers) who wish to use their creative talents to raise issues, engage communities, celebrate real life heroes, and become a platform to take these stories on a global platform. As media professionals, we have often seen how NGOs grapple to get quality media outputs. Most of the service providers in the market are profit oriented. So any change maker who wants to get his/her story across has to either pay a hefty charge or settle with mediocre quality. Media For Society provides a better solution.

Recostruction (Tamir-e-Nau).

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The state of affairs in the Green Sector is positively not sustainable! At the present rate we will have completely degraded and/ or exhausted our Renewable Natural Resources within a matter of a decade or two. The tremendous population pressure that we are exerting will soon reach crisis proportions. The era of beg and borrow is now almost at a close. It is a great shame that when there is plenty of scope for improvement and enhancement, we are forced to face a situation of need and scarcity. It is not my intention to expose our National Dirty Linen in Public.


Producia: Gamifying New Economics for Social Good

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
According to renowned psychologist, Abraham Maslow, the ultimate need of a human being is to self-actualize, or to reach our full potential. At the top of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is Self-Actualization and basic needs are at the bottom. In today's society, our current economic system is the main barrier for the majority of humanity to gain the resources and experiences to undergo self-actualization. The costs of our basic needs are rising, while wages are staying flat.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

EAR is an acronym for Empowerment Advancing our Realities. EAR will be an NGO that seeks to introduce and improve a communities basic amenities in a sustainable manner. By providing community wide solutions that empower and advance the realities of the communities we engage. Our aim is to deliver technlogies, methods and expertise that will enable sustainable energy generation and use, access to water and its sanitation, eco- friendly and cost effective housing. Local production and manufacturing as well as access to preventative healthcare.

Spreading of positivity

I made a list of Central Government Representatives and State Government Representatives contact numbers. I collected positive quotes from books, sites etc. I started sending quote each and every day through free sms websites. They used to get positive energy and they responded. In turn they used to work with positivity. They used to forward them to their followers. Later i came up with the letter telling about my project 'Spreading of Positivity'.

Being my brother's keeper

We are the community service ministry of our church. We operate a CHOICE Food pantry: the " choice " food model allows families to choose the foods their families prefer over being given a pre-packed box of food that may or may not suit that families food preferences,dietary or health restricitons. The "choice" food model reduces waste from a client standpoint as well as from a supplier standpoint. We offer 14- 30 days worth of food, different from the 3 days supply per family member of other area food pantries.

African institute for Innovation and Invention project


The African institute for innovation and invention project is a platform that will help young and emerging talents in field of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics develop skills and network to bring new ideas to market. It is a platform that will provide members with interactive online and offline events, connections to media exposure, and extensive network.