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The Algerian urban planning Liaison Agency (AUPLA) is set up on site to facilitate coordination of the different urban planning projects together with the different teams , disseminate and provide information and training to all stakeholders.

Project Child Talk

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Projeto Criança Fala (Project Child Talk) has as an objective of listening to the children, through playful listening methodology, to include their voices and views (what they want, think, dream, wish, ideas, suggestions) in formulating and implementing public policies, architectural projects, political-pedagogical projects.


for profit

Hempitecture is a design+build startup that is using industrial hemp to create energy efficient & environmentally conscious building solutions. Currently constructing the first public use hemp building in the US, Hempitecture intends to develop and innovate within the green building sphere.



Biogenous offers smart urban waste management solutions. Our prototype, the Digest-O-Mat, serves local businesses by using low impact technology to transform their food waste into fertilizer and natural gas. This layered value extraction approach recovers the hidden energy value of organic waste.

CHAKRA- circle of life

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Chakra is a program to reverse the trend in urban migration by moving the vulnerable urban homeless to rural areas and empowering them with education,skills and quality of life improvements. It is founded on the principles of symbiotic sustainability integrating existing infrastructure at all levels