Muoody! LLC

Muoody! LLC sells its premier product Taste Buddies; a colorfully, tastefully, and emotionally customizable fortune cookie. This business supplies unique inerior design and architectural materials.

Thriving World

Thriving World is a global social resource networking site designed to elucidate and mediate access (via online exchanges) to the inherent abundance that each person, community, organization, and institution has available to them when they are given the means to the appropriate distribution of those resources.

The Yarrow Ecovillage

In a typical land use situation, a developer would have come in and split our 28 acres into about 20 acreages. Each with its own long drive way and lonely family working at life in isolation from the others. Instead, we hired our own professionals and through a community process WE designed our land together. At completion we will have a 20 acre Community Farm, a 33 unit all ages cohousing Community, an age in place cohousing community, and a comercial district with learning spaces to augment one mile life style of the town of Yarrow.



49° 8' 39.6996" N, 121° 55' 55.0488" W

Projeto Ravena 30

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

1-Desenvolvimento da Cadeia Produtiva do Bambu.
2-Desenhando o papel das comunidades rurais na restauração da regularidade climatica.
3-Desenvolvimento sustentável para ter conforto moral.
4-Que os bambuzais que plantamos hoje sejam esteio de conforto e amizade para muitas gerações.