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Do you think that you pay too much for your electricity? You probably are paying more than what you need. Mi. Luz will optimize your contract conditions and help you to reduce your consumption in order to achieve a sustainable energy model.



We can change our city's culture through the best weapon: Example. Let's transform Corporate Social Responsibility as we know it. Join our family and we will achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability benefits for your company, your city and your whole live. With you, WeAreTwo.


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Deberde schools: is a comprehensive model of Corporate Social Responsibility project that faces issues of schools in vulnerable areas in Colombia in terms of nutrition, renewable energy, water and waste management and promotes learning in the areas of leadership, environment, science and technology

Excelsior INDIA


We are working on 2 projects:
1. We have built a solution for agriculture sector that increases yield by 30% and reduces chemical fertilizers consumption by 40%.
2. We have also made prototype of a device that converts the fine particulate matter from diesel engine into commercially usable ink.

Clean Earth

This project seeks to earnest the use of the abundance solar energy to power Ultra Violet water treatment systems in an effort to make available clean and safe drinking water in every house hold with considerable environmental sustainability.


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Majority of rural communities in Uganda do not have access to electricity, and thus use inefficient and unclean stoves. Our solution is a triad of sustainable energy solutions in the form of smart stoves, fuels and lights.

SunAlpha Energy Pvt Ltd

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Rising electricity costs hurt you, your business & your shareholders. Is there a low-cost, hassle free solution for you? Solar leasing helps you adopt solar energy at your point of consumption at zero upfront investment, achieve sustainability, add value to your property & save energy costs.