Le Mouton Vert


Le Mouton Vert, emprendimiento sustentable de diseño textil lanero contemporáneo, presenta líneas de Indumentaria y Eco-Hogar, utilizando materia prima de ganado ovino y camélido, originario de la Patagonia chilena. Incrementa el trabajo social y ético en Chile, trabajando con mujeres de la región

GreenSolns Water


Water scarcity or lack of safe drinking water is one of the world's leading problems affecting more than 2 billion people globally. We sell micro-membrane filtration systems that offer cost-effective manner of offering access to drinking water in rural areas.

Mobilized Construction

for profit

Mobilized Construction maintains dirt roads in rural communities in Uganda . Rural roads quickly degrade because of the natural deterioration of dirt infrastructure and the time between maintenance. Our costs will be 5-10% of the traditional cost of maintenance performed by construction companies.

Mordi Ibe Foundation (MiF)

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

MiF Attacks Poverty Seek to provide a substitute way for a better living for families living below the poverty line and in turn eradicate the monster called hunger, child labor and other socio-economic issues alike; as well as improve water/sanitation and access to health care.

Blackgate modular

for profit

The conversion of shipping containers into modular structures provide perfect solutions for affordable housing in the rural and urban areas. These affordable homes improve the standard of living and productivity of mostly the lower class and some fraction of the middle class.

Ekam Foundation

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

A not-for-profit organization which works to bring in the holistic well being of children and mothers by bringing in a confluence of CCPP (Community, Civil society organizations, public sector & private sector). Our aim is to complement the Government health system and not replace it.