Beewise focuses on maintaining the quality of life of skilled un/under-employed professionals + preventing them from marginalization, depression, social exclusion, poverty, potential homelessness. It creates the infrastructure for this pro-active initiative through a web based, barter marketplace.

Road Constructions

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Easy process which does not costs much but can be used to lay very durable plastic roads.
Few Advantages of plastic roads are:
Strength of the road increased (Increased Marshall Stability Value)
Better resistance to water and water stagnation
Increased binding and better bonding of the mix

i-point/Faros Pliroforisis

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Alternative method for road marking/information for the general public and the visually impaired that provides orientation and other services. It targets the needs and the special dynamics of the Sharing Communities. It is oriented in distance work by disabled or temporarily hindered people.

Raahgiri Day

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Raahgiri Day is about closing certain stretches of roads to automobiles, & opening them to the public (for 4-5 hours every Sunday), to create a whole new healthy, sustainable & vibrant city streets experience - streets that encourage pedestrians, cyclists, & physical activities like yoga, zumba.

A humpfree ride

Speed breakers have become a liability of late. Should structures intended to protect people also kill them??

Why not standardize our speed breakers on scientific grounds?

Why do we need speed breakers anyway?? Why cant we have "Stop" or "yield" road signs regulate traffic movement and speed?

Bus Boss


The project aims towards sensitizing Members of Parliament (MP's) towards sustainable transportation thereby creating a buy-in towards implementing public transport systems in large cities of districts within their constituencies, cities with population <1million and >0.5 million are recipients.

Post RTA trauma care

How efficient are our post-RTA/trauma care services?? Innumerable deaths occur on Indian roads partly because we have no mechanism whereby the injured are ensured speedy and quality health care services. My solution aims towards immediate measures to improve trauma care services in India