Barrier for mistakes

Traffic rules are meant to be broken. This is what is happening now a days with our people on road. The best example for this is Red light jumping which is endangering lives of pedestrians and vehicle drivers. Bangalore is a growing metropolitan city & there is a need to take action to avoid this.

Log’ins, united logistics

Log'ins is the first social joint venture of France- the first company designed as a springboard to regular jobs for people with disabilities! Created by a non-profit -Ares- and a listed company -Norbert Dentressangle-, Log'ins offers adapted work conditions in logistics and professional and social monitoringto help disabled people to enter the ordinary work market : an innovative and replicable model for the 450,000 unemployed disabled persons.

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Chennai City Connect

City Connect has been formed to create a common platform for all the city stakeholders to constructively engage with various govenrment agencies on the city's planning and implementation process. To learn more about their work, visit: 



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IN - IT for Nonprofits

" - IT for Nonprofits", a highly successful IT-donation portal, was started by Haus des Stiftens gGmbH in Germany in 2008, Austria in 2012, Switzerland in 2013. Partner NGO Techsoup Global manages it in over 60 countries. We deal with all administrative requirements of our IT donors by matching donations to proven, eligible NGOs. We are now scaling its impact by adding donations in kind, funds & pro bono offers such as webinars.

Sustainable Port Development

The Antwerp Port Community has published its second sustainability report, raising awareness on people, planet and prosperity. In addition to a sustainable enterprise, a guide was launched to enhance individual companies to implement sustainability into their daily management practices. The guide deals with a variety of topics and contains practical testimonials, port-specific information, useful links and references to subsidy possibilities.