Pulp Pantry


Pulp Pantry is a model for turning fruit and vegetable pulp waste from local juiceries into easily substituted food products made with locally sourced, healthy ingredients. Our profits support local organizations that work towards food justice in food desert communities.

Building with volcanic waste


Training builders in the locality of Foumbot on the innovative technology of manual production of hollow core lightweight concrete panels and planks with volcanic scoria gravel and building with them. The locallity has a huge reserve of volcanic scoria. Demonstrations will be carried out.

Trace Kenya

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Trash is cash is a community based project that is in the forefront to prevent environmental pollution by providing solid waste management services to enhance conservation and healthy communities and providing employment opportunities for the youths and young mothers through collection and recycling

Agua Kenya


We are transforming wastewater treatment and drinking water purification by overcoming conventional water treatment limitations and raising the standards for sustainability. Our system uses little to no energy, is chemical free, more affordable, simpler to maintain, and sequesters CO2 naturally.

Safi Organics

for profit

Safi Organics presents an alternative fertilizer called fortified biochar from organic waste. We have developed technologies enabling farmers to make their own fertilizers in 30 minutes, thus saving them 40% of the cost of traditional fertilizers (US$100/year) while counteracting soil acidity.