for profit

ufill is a unique refill option that reduces the number of plastic bottles consumed and disposed of in public environments. ufill provides a refill service specifically for refilling reusable bottles with cold drinks such as lemonade in convenient and accessible locations such as public buildings.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

As the Basel Convention has failed to prevent the proliferation of Ewaste to developing countries through the adoption of a limited ban & loopholes in the system whereby it permits waste exports under the guise of recycling or re-use.We must accept the harsh reality that a total ban is impossible.

Nano World Indonesia


Hybrid connector nano-composite straw filter innovation is the one and only purification technology for shallow ground water source in the world that serves as "customized product design" which can be installed as needed for converting contaminated water into clean water.

Khepri Innovations Pty Ltd

for profit

In essence we want to set up a bioconversion site in Gauteng that will take up organic waste from abattoirs, food manufacturers and vegetable waste. The abattoir and vegetable waste we will convert with our flies into monogastric animal feed and the rest of the waste will converted into biogas.


for profit

We are a start up recycling company, that aim to raise property value within our community. Our main purpose is to create job opportunities for the people that believe they cannot get a job and have to crash in dirt bins.