environmental protection with innovative solutions

I. SOLUTION 1: PRODUCTION FROM PAPER PRODUCTS As we know, the products produced will be kept largely in the plastic bag. For people, the choice of buying a product depends largely on the design or packaging of beauty products as well as prices or not they choose to purchase. Businesses see it as an advantage to increase business for many more people. However, they did not notice that the product is packaged in plastic bags or plastic when people use me, they'll leave. Therefore, the amount of plastic bags or plastic waste into the environment increased significantly.



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Evacuation of plastic bags

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Our vision is to evacuate the plastic bag from our society.
Save ozone, earth from white pollution.
Saving children from suffocation hazards.
Minimizing the blockage of sanitation system and securing public health.
Providing people with alternative solution.

Redirection Water System

for profit

Awarded by the most important prize for researching in Latin America – Young Scientist Award 2010 – and by Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development, the product named Redirection Water System eliminates substantial wasting of water in showers which use gas heating system.

Biogas People

for profit

Biogas People is social business to spread biogas technology as alternative energy in egypt , by building biogas units to produce biogas for domestic use and compost for organic agriculture and healthy food

forget the LPG

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Could the liquefied petroleum gas be replaced?
Could the basic amenity of cooking could be made cheap?
Could other efficient cooking methords be developed?
The answer to all the above questions is YES..!!

The Card App

for profit

The Card App is an all in one solution for carry, exchange, organize and update issues of business cards. It is a mobile app that works on iOS and Android platforms.

Doing Common Things Uncommonly:

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Our playgroup requires its students to pay their monthly school fee using waste. The playgroup requires students to pay their monthly school fee using waste and consists of 50 under-five year old. Sorting bags are provided to parents to sort their waste at home and their children bring it to school