One simple solution to the complicated urban household organic waste problem: DeCOMP. DeCOMP promotes and facilitates decentralized composting at individual and community level. With Project DeCOMP your garbage will avail you attractive discounts on everyday products and services.

Chureca Chic

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

We run a paper recycling workshop in the largest rubbish dump in Central America. We give women the opportunity to earn an income creating paper jewellery and stationary whilst attending a compulsory education programme. We sell the products and aim to be self funding by 2016.



Rescue&transformation of ugly fruits in healthy products in order to connect 2 problems: food waste & unemployment. In this process, people at risk of exclusion are offered a job, becoming, hence the main drivers of the change, which aims at educating society in the love of perfect 'imperfections'

Startic, the ethnic Trashion

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Startic,a breakthrough of selling upcycled products in fashion industry.
It develops sustainable scheme of Waste Bank in earning money from creativity, instead of just making unmarketable products. Through society empowerment, it improves sales quality&quantity of upcycled product with wider market

TakaTaka Solutions

for profit

TakaTaka Solutions is a pioneer in offering affordable waste management services to previously unserved low income areas. We operate an end-to-end value chain model: From collection, to sorting and finally producing various waste-to-value products such as compost and glasses.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

This project focuses on the use of crushed maize cob to improve the rheological properties of the drilling fluid. properties of the improved mud were measured and compared with that of mud made from bentonite with a known field viscosifier and fluid loss additive VG-plus, also it reduces wastes

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waste recycling in ecological briquettes

More than 60% of Cameroonian population is using charcoal for cooking, this means to destroy more forests to supply this need. That is why kEMIT ECOLOGY put in place an innovative project which consist in "waste recycling in ecological briquettes" to solve the problem of low supply of energy to an alternative, more efficient and which low rate of dioxide carbon or other climate changes gas in one hand, and in other and to solve the problem of job seeking by employing women, youths, elders as well as invalids people.



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