Wildlife conservation

Kedge Conservation


Kedge provides a combination of business education and conservation training to rural communities in East and Southern Africa. Our curriculum helps bridge critical skill gaps for rural entrepreneurs, providing alternative economic opportunities to poaching and environmental exploitation.


for profit

At IEETECH we developed Chipsafer, a platform that can track and early detect anomalies in cattle physiological parameters in an autonomous and remote way. Chipsafer allows the farmer to know at all times where his animals are and get statistics about their performance to help improve the production


for profit

EDUCAM es una iniciativa de dos biólogos preocupados por la educación ambiental de los niños. La meta es establecer un método educativo, utilizando juegos y visitas al bosque, en las escuelas vecinas de las áreas silvestres protegidas, con niños en que se encuentran en la etapa del descubrimiento.

Kaziranga Foundation

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The programme began way back in 2012. Kaziranga , Unesco world heritage site famous for one horned rhinocerous is facing the problem of poaching. We have a project of educating the people around the national park and a sense of belonging ness and oneness may arise which shall help in conservation.

Project PYAAS

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

My project PYAAS motive is to provide comfort to homeless animals & save them from dehydration during summers with the help of Delhi NCR residents This is completely volunteer driven initiative & success of this initiative depends on the funds we raise to buy water bowls & place in delhi NCR.

In harmony with birdlife


Many endangered species of birds of prey are likely to settle on pylons of the transmission network. Our complex bird protection program minimizes the risk of electrocution by placing safe, man-made nests on pylons, installs bird diverters to prevent collision, and supports ornithological studies.

We are raving for bees

As bees are endangered and one third of all food products rely on bees, Hofer and Naturschutzbund jointly started a long-term Bee Protection Fund to support local projects. The focus is on habitat protection, awareness raising and research. In addition, Hofer introduced a strict pesticide monitoring program for its products, established an own apiary and motivated customers to take easy but effective steps for bee-protection.