Wildlife conservation


for profit

Bee-Circle turns every single customer into reseller.
We promote viral marketing by giving cashback proportionnally to sells.
Not-yet-distributed cashback generates bank interests.
100% of the interests is donate to FreeTheBees, a Swiss foundation in favor of bees. Bee-Circle.com. FreeTheBees.ch.

Do It Yourself Medicine

GroveBodyPartChart is a Mobile/Desktop/Tablet/Android device App...On your iPhone or Android or desktop computer or laptop, type in bwell.mobi/grove into the address bar, while you are on the internet...Choose HTML5 view from your desktop...You get DIY medicine books for free & more...

Golfing for Elephants L3C


Our responsible golf tourism company will donate 50% of our profits to anti-poaching efforts in Kenya -- to save elephants from the ivory trade. Through golf, we raise funds and support from the Chinese, who buy 70% of the world's ivory. Partner of 96 Elephants and Wildlife Conservation Society.

urban renewal crusade

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

No continent will be struck as severely by the impacts of climate change (the overriding environmental menace) as Africa.only 45% of Africans seems to be aware of this! People need be told the impacts what they do will have on and will cause humans living in the 21st century and beyond.

‘Low cost’ sustainable biogas technology for forest conservation, cooking energy needs and livelihood generation for rural India

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

About 80% of rural homes in India continue to use ‘firewood’ as their primary cooking fuel, The project aims to provide solution by providing low cost sustainable easy to use biogas technology for cooking energy needs.

Nature LIFE Extremadura

for profit

Develops AGRO-ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY first protocol, to ensure the highest quality from source to cosumidor, respecting the environment, recovering traditional farmland protection areas for orchards and defense of species, without increasing the price of the fruit.

Membrane-Coupled Fungi Reactor - An innovative approach to biotreatment of hazardous dye wastewater

Dye waste water from textile industry is difficult to treat and toxic when discharged to river. The contaminated water is not only a threat to our ecosystem but also to people’s daily life. Our vision is to create an environmental friendly textile industry and make clean drinking water accessible.