Wildlife conservation

Conservation of Natural resources for Sustainable Devlopments

Sustainable development at local, regional and global scale perhaps is the most difficult task that humanity has ever faced. Central to all of the many approaches aimed at both identifying unsustainable practices and achieving sustainability, are access to scientific knowledge and its application. The great sustainability problems of the 21st century e.g., poverty alleviation, sustainable food production, clean and accessible water resources, the health of ecosystem and maintenance of biodiversity all require usable scientific knowledge as one critical component for their solution.

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Nutrient Enhanced-Artisan Reefs

By using local labor and materials, Nutrient Enhanced-Artisan Reefs (NEAR) plans to create artificial reefs to increase fish production by marine compost of waste products.  Owing to global climate change and bad fishing practices, food security for communities that rely on fishing is at risk.  The artificial reef would not only aggregate fish to a particular area, but also increase fish production in this areas.  This project is accomplished while also reusing and marine composting waste products available within the community.



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Soap For Life

for profit

Soap4Life is an educational project. We give Dutch children information about the importance of hygiene and the hygiene problems in the world through an educational package. With this project children learn about soap, the impact of the use of palm oil and they make their own palm oil free soaps.

Beija Flor

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

"Beija-Flor" is a training center for young non indigenous people to educate on sustainable management of natural resources adapted from traditional indigenous knowledge and restoring biodiversity in the damaged forest areas of Acre, Brazil, through agro-forestry systems.

Farming for Conservation


Farming for conservation entails a new paradigm: shifting the focus away from protecting the environment from farmers, to investing in farming as a way to enhance the delivery of a wide range of public goods and services. It is highly innovative in terms of the measures adopted, the simplicity of approach and the output based payment system. It has been piloted in a highly complex protected landscape of the Burren and has proven envirnmental, agricultural and socio economic benefits.



To create a successful, trusted, socially and ecologically responsible, ecommerce business which integrates the best mushroom related products and technologies. This business will serve as a base to support the educational databases of the site and will fund global projects to conserve ecologies and fight hunger,

Cheetah Conservation Fund Bushblok Biomass Sustainable Energy Project

CCF is expanding Bushblok as part of a 2012 Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to also stimulate a biomass industry in Namibia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuShsDlRvk8.



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