Wildlife conservation

Resource Rangers

Le programme a été lancé en Saskatchewan à l'été 2006 par la Saskatchewan Forestry Association avec le soutien de la Première Nation de Sturgeon Lake, agissant à titre d'hôte de la formation des jeunes gardes forestiers (Junior Forest Rangers). Le programme a depuis évolué pour inclure 9 Premières Nations et un groupe urbain de la ville de Prince Albert.

Resource Rangers

The program was launched in Saskatchewan in the summer of 2006 by the Saskatchewan Forestry Association with the support of Sturgeon Lake First Nation, who acted as host for the Junior Forest Ranger training. The program has since evolved to include 9 First Nations and an urban group from the city of Prince Albert. As board members for the Prince Albert Model Forest and the First Nations Island Forest Management Association, The Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation joined in 2007 and have since developed our program to become leaders for the Province of Saskatchewan as a case study.

Initiatives for Aboriginal Awareness in Our School System

I started and have directed a Student based Aboriginal Program at Centre Wellington DHS (Fergus Ontario) since 2005. We initiated a student exchange program with Aboriginal communities. In 2006, we exchanged with Tusarvik School in Repulse Bay, NU. In 2008, we were blessed to have had an historic exchange with Natuashish, NL (nee Davis Inlet) and last year we exchanged with the Blackfoot from Napi Friendship Centre in Pincher Creek, Alberta. The program targets "at-risk students' and attempts to find the "closet Aboriginal" students in our school community.

Flutterbye Butterfly

This project's goal is to raise native species of butterflies to use for special events and ceremonies. It's a great, bio-friendly idea and would help many different individuals and communities which would otherwise be unable to purchase such beautiful insects for such memorable moments. Not only is it safe for the environment, but the creator plans on teaching the public about native species of butterflies so this is also a valuable educational tool that can be shared with others. Nominate Flutterbye Butterfly!!!!



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