Mark Berger Nursing Home

for profit

Nursing homes and full service healthcare facilities for the elderly are incredibly helpful. As the baby boomer population continues to age it is extremely important that we create viable solutions for the elderly to live with all of the full services that they need.

Growing up...our own garden

The Therapeutic Garden will be a new green space in the center of Athens, where older people will meet, socialize, interact with each other, and learn from each other.
The importance of therapeutic gardens in wellness and rehabilitation has been described multiply in the scientific literature.

Culture of active aging


In Greece it is generally believed that there is no concern for the elderly. Our idea creates the motive to activate the aging population through a wide range of activities.The activities include a daily cultural cruise with sightseeing tours, yoga training and taste of Greek herbs.



Beewise focuses on maintaining the quality of life of skilled un/under-employed professionals + preventing them from marginalization, depression, social exclusion, poverty, potential homelessness. It creates the infrastructure for this pro-active initiative through a web based, barter marketplace.

It's Always Time to Realign

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

We have all been told to sit up straight and have repeated the same, but why? How many of us really know? We can visibly notice people slouching and physically feel it ourselves, but does it really matter? Yes it does! Every one of us owes it to ourselves to gain the benefits of best posture.

End the digital divide

Using an android app developed by a French start-up of the Silver Economy, our project is to provide highly isolated senior citizens with both a connected device (android tablet) and a volunteers-based distant support service, run by senior volunteers, in order to break the exclusion and loneliness paradigm affecting the poorest senior citizens in the French countryside.