Adopt-A-Team Program offers a night of fun, and inexpensive entertainment to groups of retirees. A Corporation would develop Good Will and Traffic Builders programs. The scope of this Concept is only limited by ones imagination.


Vollpension is a social integration coffeehouse with grandma’s familiarity, cakes and inter-generational stories. A public place, where jobs for seniors are created to counteract poverty among the elderly while promoting the exchange among old & young people. Away from stereotypes and prejudices towards better mutual understanding and co-operative work.

Age Friendly Towns

The Age Friendly Towns initiative seeks to make Ireland a great place to grow old, using a multi-stakeholder process. By focussing on towns, the initiative is able to implement real change over a short time and make an impact on the lives of older people in their communities. This is achieved through collaboration between businesses, statutory bodies, NGOs and older people to reach practical and actionable solutions that benefit all partners.

Growing up...our own garden

The Therapeutic Garden will be a new green space in the center of Athens, where older people will meet, socialize, interact with each other, and learn from each other.
The importance of therapeutic gardens in wellness and rehabilitation has been described multiply in the scientific literature.

Chance for life! Methods for recovering stroke patients through physical therapy.

Stroke is a cardivascular disorder caused by insufficient oxygenation of the brain. Among the most common causes of stroke we can mention hypertention, diabetes, clotting disorders, vascular embolism and cranial trauma. People who suffer a stroke often face physical and mental disorders that reduce the chance of a normal life if they do not get treatment in time.

White Yellow Cross Foundation Romania Oral health of older people-an inovative approach in Romania!

 According to Romanian official records, in Romania there are 14000 dental doctors (1 for 1573 citizens). Dental services are mainly solicited by people living in urban areas while specific services for older people who can not leave their home are missing. The negative impact of poor oral condition is high upon patients with chronic diseases, causing high prevalence rates of periodontal diseases that adds to already poor quality of life.



44° 26' 12.9588" N, 26° 7' 3.1188" E

Oral Health for elderly!

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Preventing oral health problems for the patients of White Yellow Cross Foundation Romania!
Oral health of older people - a new idea for Romania!
Innovating home care services by oral health education programs and interventions!
Chronic disease and most oral diseases share common risk factors!


for profit

Treatment will provide a chronic disease management telehealth service to northern First Nation tribes in Saskatchewan integrated with primary care physicians and specialists using low cost internet stethoscopes/otoscopes to examine patients remotely and reduce the cost of travel and chronic disease