Ung Omsorg (Young Care)

Ung Omsorg (Young Care) creates bridges between generations by organizing youth on elder care homes to engage in social activities. The mission is to bring that little bit extra care to the elderly, and at the same time offer young people a first engaging part-time job. Hopefully we will also inspire some of the young people working with us to a future career in the care sector.

Cherish the Old-Care for the Young

Combining Lifestory and Lifemusic work to support person centred care approach in nursing homes. Person-centred care considers the whole person, taking into account each individual's unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences and needs. It also means treating residents with dementia with dignity and respect. We support and train young artists with regular and meaningful work in care home communities.

Become my buddy!

Our aim is to restore former custom of neighbourly help. We are going to link a volunteer with the elder people from Gdansk and provide seniors with electronic system of telecare. In case of danger older person will be able to connect with 24/7 alarm centre by pressing the button on the necklace or wrist watch. Teleasistant is responsible to notify the caregivers - volunteer, member of a family or appropriate emergency services.

Vivons en Forme

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The aim of the Programme Vivons en Forme (VIF) is to prevent childhood obesity in the 240 engaged towns. VIF is based on a multistakeholder scheme, an implementing partner (NGO FLVS), local public authorities (240 Mayors), university, National authorities and for profit and not for profil partners.

Fitness for all Abilities

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The Fitness for all Abilities initiative will break down the physical, financial, and attitudinal barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from participating in physical activity. The initiative will create a fully accessible fitness facility that will be accessible at an affordable cost.

Brain Health

At Schools, jobs, Groups, Churches, ask people to fill out a prepared form asking such questions as 1) changing feet to centemeters,gallons to litres miles to kilometers etc. Before or after each group meets have them walk around the block. This will get them talking prviding mental, physical exerci

Vantastic Health Route - Fingal (Pilot)

This pilot service was designed, implemented and developed to accommodate the challenges that health-related transport presents for older people with impaired mobility in Fingal. The solution reached was based on the existing Vantastic Health Route model, with priority set on delivering a local, individualised service that was tailored to meet the specific requirements identified via the Age Friendly Initiative consultation with older people.


ACTIVIDA, pioneers in integrating Advance Medical Nutrition (Nutricia) and Physical Activity (Siel Bleu) in a combined offer that promotes autonomy and quality of life of residents in elderly homes.