Neighbourhood Fit

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

This is a concept mimics what children do to find playmates right on their own street.
In our case, we ask everyone in a neighbourhood to select one or two (or more) activities that they would like to do.
People with similar interest come together to participate and motivate one another.

Easy Fab Fitness

Sell cushioned mats with a set of hand weights (e.g as a package at Canadian Tire). Run a media campaign to encourage participants to walk in place, on cushioned mat while while shifting hands back and forth with hand weights, WHILE WATCHING TV.



XLife is a software program that works by leveraging sensors like the Xbox Kinect, to create opportunities for gamers to STAND UP and EXERCISE. Every second you exercise with XLife, will give you XPoints that can be used to play the games you love. So the more you exercise, the more you can play.

Every human being deserves to pass away with dignity.

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

In a quiet crematorium, an old lady place flowers on a grave. After burying the last person who cared about her a decade ago, she is always living in fear that one day, she will dies alone without anyone noticing for some time. Her body may ends up in the mortuary uncollected or used for medical research. The warmth of the bright sunlight cannot drive away the chill in her heart as she drag her feet away from her good friend's grave...The same worries and fears reside in the heart of many elderly without kins.

Action Tank Portugal (ATP)

ATP is an alliance between for profit companies, foundations and NGO to cocreate experimental solutions (inclusive business and social business). We are addressing issues such as employability for young people or for unemployed women and accessibility to inclusive services or products.

Jubilares Association


Jubilares Association supports Senior-CoHusing´s modelling and methodology in Spain. A S-CH provides personal autonomy and the social and practical benefits experienced in a self-manage close-knit community. In Spain we design them to shelter any level of dependency under Centred-Person Care model.

Community for the Elderly

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The elderly in Moldova lack a social safety net and CASMED is one of the few NGOs working in rural, impoverished communities to help this vulnerable group. In order to ensure that CASMED is able to sustain its work, we are branching into social enterprise.