Human Rights & Equality

Tissons le Changement: Innovations pour une Industrie Textile Durable

Les gagnants du défi Tissions le changement on été annoncé! Nous envoyons nos sincères remerciements à tous les participants de ce défi pour leur travail et leur engagement à transformer l’industrie de la mode.

Connaissez-vous des entrepreneurs sociaux avec le potentiel de transformer l’industrie du textile? Nominez les au fellowship de Tissons le Changement.

deaf legal and resource center,kenya

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

the legal system in kenya is not geared to handle the needs of deaf dont have to look very far to find stories about deaf people who have been let down by lawyers and the legal legal professionals we are trained to use the power of our advocacy and voice but in working with deaf and hard of hearing clients this has essentially been taken away from us.

Digital Hope

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The ‘Digital Hope’ project supported by ITU explores the human rights of access to communication whilst utilizing communication technology to address human rights and enhance social change. An approximated 20,000 people were brutally amputated by machetes and guns during Sierra Leone’s civil war. These war victims are also marginalized from the mainstream of the information Society. The project ‘Digital Hope’ has began to target these amputees facing exclusion from ICT by providing the relevant ICT tools through an ICT


Using Brain Optimization as a Pre-Facilitative Technology For Leaders Dealing With Global Conflict/Crises


Einstein once said that no problem will ever be solved on the same level of thinking that the problem got created on. This is ever so true in an age where the cost of human irrationalities have touched our lives in profound, dramatic ways. With the advent of behavioral economics and recent discoveries in neuroscience, we now know why Einstein made this call for what necessitates radical thinking shifts: The Rational/Cognitive parts of our brain are overshadowed by the faster, unconscious-driven "primal" brain. We speak to the rational brain, yet the primal brain decides.


Promoting Peace, Heterogeneity & Intercultural awareness among Kenyan Communities.

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The 2007 post election violence in Kenya impacted our members and pushed the inception of a new program on promoting intergration, intercultural awareness and promote the role of youths, women and faith groups in fostering tribal and cultural tolerance resulting to peaceful coexistence and development.

Urban Refugees Communities Criminal Justice Awareness Project - URC - CJAP

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Committees are formed in different groups and equipped with basic legal and Human Rights concepts by contracted lawyers to sensitize others, Monitor, guide and Report any injustice to the lawyers for action. Face to face dialogue with community, police, and personnel from key departments are periodically Organized for consultation.