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Health and Wellness Action Advocates

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The Health and Wellness Action Advocates (HWAA) is an interactive advocacy group promoting mental health throughout San Francisco.  The economic downturn has brought about devestating budget cuts and service eliminations.  HWAA fosters the community collaboration and growth needed to protect and expand mental health services. 

Firewalkers: Changing the Story of Mental Health

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector


Firewalkers is a living anthology: a book of stories and illuminations; documentary photography series; media engagement; grassroots education; mental health community arts groups, mixed-media prayer flags project; and outreach and storytelling events where people can share their stories of transformation through mental health journeys. www.thefirebook.org.


Teachers Without Borders Nigeria—Connecting Teachers to Information and Each Other

Teachers Without Borders (TWB) Nigeria is closing the education divide through teacher professional development and community education. Lead by Raphael Ogar Oko, TWB Nigeria’s innovative programs and strategies incorporate unique curricula, investment in community outreach, and a commitment to sustainability and growth. Raphael Ogar Oko and his TWB team are improving lives for teachers in Nigeria and around the world.



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Tanni Grey-Thompson: Britain's Greatest Paralympic Athlete

Meet GameChangers competition judge Tanni Grey-Thompson, Britain's greatest ever paralympic athlete and one of the most gifted and courageous sportswomen of her generation. In this video, Grey-Thompson—who broke 35 world records as a wheelchair athlete—says being born with spina bifida "didn't really play a big part in my life."

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