Disability rights

B Stigma-Free

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

B Stigma-Free is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that helps create a kinder society where people with differences are accepted, respected and included. We work with our partners and use existing networks to cross-educate and engage a broader community to help reduce bias and prejudice.

Made In GOEL®

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

CANGIARI® garments are made of hand-loom fabrics, reproposing the heritage of Calabrian hand woven in fashion using organic yarns and fabrics. The production provides jobs for women and young people, in a region with the highest unemployment in Italy and the serious problem of 'ndrangheta (mafia).



Bardaskan is a marginalized town in west of Korasan razavi state (Iran) and what I'm trying to do to make change in my community is to start up a rural tourism ( actually agro-tourism and eco tourism in my hometown . This idea will helps us in different ways like providing jobs,market...