Disability rights

Drums in the Dark


Drums in the Dark seeks to change the existing paradigms & mental models around blind people. We aim at generating connections through respect, admiration & positive emotions.
This will be done by live music performances, corporate workshops & classes at elementary schools led by blind people.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

An innovative new platform that connects and enables people with disabilities and their families to overcome challenges and thrive. By crowdsourcing tips and advice from the community, members not only recognize their own potential, but also have the tools and motivation to fulfill it.

Rural Global Shapers

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

RGS mainly focuses on the schools for both young and old people with disability across the globe, we go around the country looking for tertiary institutions that has facilities to meet their needs, so that they can further their education.We identify schools and varsity based on resourses

Projeto Digital Mente


O Projeto Digital Mente surgiu da necessidade de promover conhecimentos básicos de informática, melhor qualidade de vida e fortalecimento da autoestima a pessoas com transtornos mentais leves, proporcionando a elas maior interação e inclusão no mundo digital.

Apae Online


O Projeto Apae Online é utilizar os mecanismos possibilitados pelas novas tecnologias como instrumento de desenvolvimento humano a serviço da educação especial é fundamental para que o trabalho aconteça com sucesso é utilizar a tecnologia apenas como um recurso em busca de superar limitações.

La petite Cantine

for profit

La Petite Cantine

It's to our advantage to make the world a better place

Taste is knowing the true quality ! Summertime is all about dining al fresco & under the stars !

Brush aside stereotypes to move forward & help us create & develop an outdoor restaurant run by people with special needs.