Disability rights

Celebrate Autism

Celebrate Autism is a nonprofit organization that empowers young adults with disabilities through education and training to help them build fulfilling and positive futures. Our Supported Entrepreneur Program provides a high-quality entrepreneur curriculum customized for this population.

The Watchers

The Watchers is a comprehensive life changing low-cost project based on an effective creative idea that will target and solve the biggest international problem of the 21st Century "Poverty" by indirectly connecting the philanthropist with the person in need.

Inclusive Toilets for all

Amrita Gyawali is a young woman in Nepal who uses a wheelchair for mobility. She understands from her own experience the pain of not being able to find a single toilet where she can relieve herself when she is outside her own home.She even had to drop out of school after deeply embarrassing incidents when she was not able to get to a toilet in time and was punished by a teacher as a result.





for profit

disability has become a challenging problem in our country. nobody is willing to give working opportunity to them and this problem is severe among the rural women having physically challenged condition.they will be trained and will make hand made design on cloths and will be payed enough to sustain.

Live Braille

for profit

Live Braille aims to take blind navigation to an entirely new level with a robust, and practicable technology in the form of glove which claims to provide incredible navigation speeds to the blind. "We want to do what Microsoft and Mac did to the computer industry".