Human trafficking

Running to Stop the Traffik


There will be tracks built near rural schools in scenic sites.Participants will be sponsored for every mile they run and will be divided into groups for a team relay race.Winner will be the group who raised the most revenue. Throughout the year,the 3 tracks will be used by schools for training youth



There are over lakhs of women in a world of misery , trafficked into red light areas yearly without means of an alternative livelihood and worse without even a hope of finding one. Patched is an environmentally conscious student run social enterprise striving to bring change.

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Innovator Insights: Slavery Seen and Solved

It’s an uncomfortable truth: people are still trapped in slavery, and not just in agriculture and manufacturing, the two sectors that may come to mind immediately. “Both the consumer and industry need to think beyond the tag,” said Arati Sureddi, Ashoka American Express Emerging Innovator and founder of LOTUS Alliance, an organization committed to cutting across sectors to fight human trafficking.

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