Human trafficking


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Es una herramienta interactiva y ludica con la cual se permite que la persona acceda a la información sobre cómo prevenir la trata de personas y el mismo dirija su proceso de formación.
Es un Objeto Digital de Aprendizaje, basado en una historia y dentro de esta varias historias de vida.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Un proyecto que permita a los niños en abandono social aprender a identificar factores de riesgo en una comunidad y a protegerse, al mismo tiempo que construyen una comunidad para ellos mismos.
Un proyecto que permita difundir su experiencia y enseñar a otros a cuidarse.

Social Farm


How we can help people, excluded from society, who inside them have so much energy to restart the economy. How can we get closer consumer and producer?
Social Farm is the fair-trade brand that can do it.

Human not for sale!

In co-creation with social businesses in Europe we develop an interactive technology programme called ‘Human not for sale’. We design a gamified Android learning app, aiming to educate parents & communities in Cambodia about the risks of human trafficking. In collaboration with the Cambodian end-users we develop the app, equip the parents & community reps with smart-phones & monitor the learning progress. Upon success - international rollout.

1st Reach Technology

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Now a days Vehicles(Public transport) and passengers are not so safe, because they are not getting any information about which passenger is entering into which vehicle. INFOSENDER will solve this problem, By sending and receiving information Before entering into any public transport.

for profit is created to find and locate the missing children, and bring them back home, riding on the advancement of IT and face recognition technology, to empower public to watch for suspicious victims. The data will be plotted onto a timelined-map to track child trafficking activities.