Human trafficking


Proyecto MEFI

Proyecto MEFI is an non-profit, faith based, humanitarian organisation that exist to equip and train, the local church and the local community to eradicate homelessness amongst children and young people in Mexico City.

Games For Change

Games For Change is an innovative program dedicated to combining casual computer and mobile gaming with social awareness by addressing issues relating to women e.g Sexuality,Education,HIV and more

Help Homeless and At-Risk Youth With Covenant House Vancouver

Covenant House Vancouver exists for those youth for whom there is often no one else: young people aged 16-24 who have either willingly fled physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse or those who have been forced from their homes.

Caring staff and volunteers see over 1400 youth come through the doors of Covenant House each year, offering them hot food, a warm bed and most importantly, relationships based on mutual respect and love. Programs include a crisis shelter, a drop in space, street outreach and transitional housing support.



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Education Tablet everywhere

Our Education Tablet is a Wi-Fi and GPRS enabled tablet so any one can connect to internet. It contains the syllabus of CBSE,ICSE and State Boards from Std 1 to Std 12th.If a student is reading in Std 5th he has to go to the website of Education Tablet and click on the class 5th link so the syllabus will uploaded to their tablet.It will continue in the same manner for other class up to 12th class.

CUIDANDO DE CRIANÇAS E SEUS CUIDADORES EM ABRIGOS. Propôr qualidade de vida para crianças e adolescentes que estão em abrigos.

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

O número de crianças/ adolescentes nos abrigos vem aumentando em São Paulo por variados motivos: desemprego das famílias mais pobres; violência social; dependência química dos pais ou da própria criança/ adolescente; entre outros.
Infelizmente, muitos dos profissionais que trabalham nos abrigos da cidade não tem formação, ou quando tem, é deficitária.