Human trafficking


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LMI IS COMMITTED TO ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILL BUILDING AS PANACEA FOR NIGERIA AND INDEED, AFRICA’S DEVELOPMENT.To this end, we mobilize broad spectrum of this poor and vulnerable groups especially people in hard to reach communities to initiate, design and implement programmes (special poverty alleviation programmes) that results in sustainable improvement in their well-being as well as facilitates their reintegration into the mainstream society.

for profit is a revolutionary ‘web 3.0’ global networking site where people, whether representing themselves or their charity/business, can experience a true networking environment that benefits them while benefiting charity at the same time (and at no cost to them) - via a 10% donation of revenue from our highly unique advertising model. We aim to change the economy of how global non-profits are funded via our platform that provides the ultimate user experience for our citizens, our employees, our communities, and will get money into the hands of non-profits that need it most.

ADAPT: Preventing trafficking through educational and vocational choices

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The chance of becoming enslaved in the modern world is 1.8 per 1000 people. This rate is much higher in Vietnam and increases every year. In the past 5 years, more than 6000 Vietnamese women and children have been identified as trafficking survivors and 22000 have been suspected to be trafficked for sexual exploitation.

Innovating Against Trafficking: Building Mobile Peer Networks to Prevent Labor Exploitation

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LaborVoices, Inc. (LV), is a for-profit company with a social mission: ending labor abuses by enforcing labor market transparency. At LV we believe that all men and women have the right to decent work, work that allows for a healthy and productive life. We envision: a world without human trafficking; a world where workers have access to fair working conditions; a world where everyone can connect with fellow workers, assess their options, and choose decent work.

LESS is More for Returned Distressed Women Migrant Workers

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Batis would like to build local enabling environments that will make it possible to turn things around for returned distressed women migrant workers who are given a second shot at achieving their dreams of an improved quality of life for themselves and their families through the various social and economic reintegration projects by supporting, scaling-up and building linkages that will help their economic initiatives become sustainable, and therefore life-changing not only for themselves but their families and their communities.