Human trafficking

Himalayan Healers, Nepal, is the only project in the world that trains "Untouchables" in the healing arts.

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Himalayan Healers, Nepal, is the only project in the world that trains "Untouchables" in the healing arts. By addressing the issues of “Untouchability” via Touch Therapies we are facilitating both personal and community healing in a profound and peaceful manner in Nepal.

We also have open admissions and provide training and support to any and all. Our training and employment also focuses upon assisting victims of human trafficking, victims of domestic violence, war widows, and others of profound need.

Universal Access to Profitable Jobs for Young Mothers and Underpreviledged Girls ( UP- Project)

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Enable access to gainful jobs for women who have skills and desire but are limited by the duty to stay home and nurture kids. More women in Cameroon now pursue education beyond basic with the desire to be gainfully employed but the task to procreate (believed to be the highest value of a woman in Cameroon) prevents them from engaging in meaningful economic activities outside the home. This project will create Child Daycare Centers (CDC) which in 3 years can help up to 1000 mothers daily to work outside the home.

Employment for Survivors of Human Trafficking

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International Sanctuary’s (iSanctuary) goal is to provide the initial stepping stones for confident and sustained reintegration for the victims of human trafficking, by providing programs that deliver solid employment, professional growth and financial stability. In addition to helping victims regain their sense of worth, dignity and independence, one of the many benefits of the program is its ability to help victims develop trusting relationships, helping to dissolve the bondage that keeps their spirits captive.

The Silent Sports Trade: Sex Trafficking

by Ziba Cranmer, Vice President at Cone Inc.

I am an athlete, I am a fan, and I am a woman. 

As an athlete, I celebrate. I celebrate the skills and lessons I learned on the field (and truth be told, sitting on the bench).

As a fan, I cheer. I cheer because I love the feeling of solidarity and community that comes from a shared commitment to a local or professional sports team.

But as a woman, I cringe. I cringe because I know that some of our most celebrated sporting events, from the Super Bowl to the World Cup, are also the occasion of a terrible crime: the sex trafficking of tens of thousands of women and children.


Sail for Freedom

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We have worked with the Akha people of SE Asia for nearly 20 years to protect land rights. We are campaigning for the return of land seized by the Queen of Thailand. In 2009 we did the "Ride for Freedom" across the US to the UN by horseback, 382 days. Now we are planning the "Sail for Freedom" five years around the world by sailing ship for the Akha people and their land.

Internet Safety for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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Susquehanna Valley Women in Transition will modify its award-winning Internet Safety Video and curriculum to target individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The video, which was originally recorded with high school student actors, will be re-shot using actors with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Subtitles will also be added to the original video for the hearing impaired.

Youth Anti-Trafficking Educational Leadership Series

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The Youth Anti Trafficking Educational Leadership Series has two components, Tell Your Friends (TYF) and Youth Anti-Trafficking (YAT) Professional Training. TYF educates teens in public schools, shelters, and group homes about domestic violence, human trafficking, and commercial sexual exploitation. Our YAT Professional Training educates teachers, law enforcement, social workers, police, and medical staff to identify high risk and exploited teens.


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WANT TO create internet coffe place,where women can visit and use internet without problems and at the same time to discuss their lives,probable abuses of rights and to get counseling how to protect their rights - though it will be a local place,the connection to womens nets on intennet can make it global

Groceries for a New World

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Create a grocery for which all net profits go to nonprofits serving those most desperately in need -- locally, nationally, globally. Grocery items are made (e.g., tortilla chips) by people who need work, or are purchased wholesale. Items are sold at prices competitive with traditional groceries. Sold online or in small retail coop space with volunteers.

Football For Life

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'Football For Life' is a landmark charitable grassroots project which brings joy into the lives of disadvantaged children in migrant worker communities in China. FFL provides in-curricula coaching courses delivered by British FA qualified coaches and local assistants in an educational and fun English language environment.