Restoring land, livelihood and dignity to widows and orphans

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

IJM’s project in Mukono, Uganda will serve widows, orphans and other vulnerable victims of illegal property seizure by providing legal assistance to help them secure land ownership, by providing social services to promote their emotional and financial recovery, and by encouraging changes in the public justice system’s management of land rights cases.

Empowerment initiative of the poor and marginalised through property rights

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The Empowerment Initiative impacts behavioral and structural change through improved access to property rights for the poor. We will sharpen our legal tools, mobilization methods and ground knowledge to act upon equal rights to property. We will help poor communities in myriad ways, including through social mobilisation, land measurement training, and addressing market demands for their services.

Thai Medical Error Network

We are a support network by and for people affected from medical error. We use cumulative experience to seek justice and conflict resolution around preventable medical damage. We leverage the power of collective voice to negotiate with healthcare providers and advocate policy changes toward transparency patient safety, and public awareness.

Using Strategic Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution to protect Women land ownership and property rights in Albania

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The overall objective of this proposed action to develop a better and comprehensive understanding, legal framework improvement and application of women land ownership and property rights through strategic litigation, alternative dispute resolution and entrepreneurial capacity development of women at local level in the sub-urban and rural communities of southern Albania.

The Peace Labyrinth Project

All around the world we see used tyres being thrown into landfill sites or scattered in areas etc. A product of modern waste which has no use or benefit after its primary service.
Our project aims to use quantities of these used tyres to create a space of transformation at various points around the world, especially where there is/was war or poverty.
The project in these points speak about creating a new mindful place by walking in the Labyrinth.
The design of the Labyrinth is to be experienced from the ground but also seen from above.



30° 51' 58.4568" N, 34° 54' 46.872" E

Olive Tree Initiative- Campus-Community Dialogue

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The idea of the Olive Tree Initiative (OTI) Campus-Community dialogue is to bring awareness and understanding about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through dialogue and experiential learning. OTI organizes yearly students and community trips to Israel/Palestine to holistically educate participants about the situation on the ground. Upon their return participants share their opinions and experiences with others in many on and off campus dialogue forums.

Mediation by public platform for symbiotic relationship of private instituition and SME

The idea is to provide a platform that would help forge relations between the SME’s and the private instituitions who would fund products they need. The private instituition, on recommendation and guarantee by the public platform, will provide product specifications and fund to mobilise SME while public platform provides buffer and training.