nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

H2CWorld brings out communities/groups' strengths and facilitates the creation of local responses which take place within through the CLCP/SALT approach. H2CWorld is flexible and open to positive changes and connections!

Help Each Other Out


For young people, personal hardships like loss, illness, or coming out too often lead to a sense of isolation by peers, family, and school personnel. Help Each Other Out inspires youth and adults in school and other community settings to reach out when life is rough with practical tips that work.


Composting is important for many reasons. The primary concern of composting is to create and curate nutrients for proper growth in climates. The ability to compost has the potential to save the world.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

We are a group of 11 impassioned trained facilitators, united by the transformational power of dialogue, that we all have witnessed. We have created a multi-space community center for dialogue to help relieve the ever increasing tensions in our country and enhance synergy within the community.