Exeko: Inclusion through innovation in culture and education

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

In conjunction with existing resources, Exeko relies on cultural and intellectual mediation as motors of social change and vectors of citizen participation, prevention of crime, employability, identity reinforcement, school perseverance, social diversity. Its programs promote creativity as a measure of consciousness-raising and mediation but also as a strategy amongst dysfunctional youth.

Serving Fathers, Supporting Families

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Launched in 1993, Midtown Community Court is the nation’s first community court, and focuses exclusively on low-level crime in midtown Manhattan. Times Square Ink and Dads United for Parenting, two on-site programs, serve non-custodial, under- and unemployed fathers, many of whom have a history of court involvement and/or incarceration. Programming includes individual and group counseling, financial planning and budgeting, legal services, parenting-skills training, and therapeutic job skills training.

E-Mental Health

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

La Asociación Española de Familiares de afectados con Trastornos de la Personalidad intenta mejorar la atención a pacientes y familiares con esta patología. En la actualidad hay miles de personas desatendidas y pocos profesionales especializados para atender la creciente demanda, se pretende desarrollar herramientas telemáticas para subsanar esta desatención y formar a nuevos profesionales.

Ending Child Support Conflict


Ittavi (an acronym for “it takes a village”) seeks to end conflict, improve transparency and simplify the process of paying child support while saving parents time and money.

Parents can now spend less time managing child support and more time focused on raising happy, healthy children.