Men's issues

Ce n´est pas seulement pour les filles

Selon M. Jorge Lyra, lorsqu´on parle de grossesse et de paternité chez les adolescents il ne faut pas négliger les jeunes garçons. Pendant des années, si les taux de grossesse chez les adolescents s´élevait au Brésil, l´éducation des enfants et les efforts pour la prévention des grossesses ne se bornaient qu´ à eux.


Not for Girls Only

When it comes to teenage pregnancy and parenthood, Jorge Lyra believes it is time to stop leaving boys out of the conversation. For years, while teenage pregnancy rates were rising in Brazil, parenting education and pregnancy prevention efforts only targeted girls. Traditions of machismo combined with low expectations of teenage boys had reinforced stereotypes about male sexual irresponsibility and absentee fatherhood. 


Enriching Men's Lives

It takes an incredible amount of effort and ingenuity to change traditional social norms, but these Changemakers are redefining the meaning of manhood. By creating balance in the home, the workplace, and the community Volker Baisch and Jack Kammer are giving men of all ages a chance to overcome stereotypes, rise above social pressures and experience a fullness of life that cultural gender constraints often does not permit.