Men's issues

Stand4 Socks

for profit

Stand4 creates the most meaningful products in the world. Through reconnecting consumers with social issues and tangible charity giving, we reimagine ordinary products and give them extraordinary purpose.

Public Safety Certification

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Kenya public service vehicle drivers and conductors are neglected, considered uncouth and perpetrators of violence against women, Flone Initiative works to develop their professionalism by offering training in customer service, prevention of sexual violence and professional development.



Acreditamos que é possível aliar as necessidades da indústria têxtil à produção de baixo impacto ambiental, sustentável, promovendo a ressocialização de egressos do sistema prisional (homens, mulheres e jovens), incentivando o cultivo de matéria prima orgânica, a reciclagem e o consumo consciente.

MenEngage Alliance

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

MenEngage is a diverse alliance of 700 civil society org's around the world working together with men&boys for gender equality, human rights and social justice, by providing a collective voice, improving the field of practice, and advocating before policy makers through country & regional networks


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Raise her Voice- a social enterprise with multi layered benefit & holistic approach. We design and manufacture reusable sanitary packs, creating employment opportunities for men & women, increasing access to education for girls and using profits to support sustainable, community empowerment projects



No garment factory worker is empowered or safe with only men in charge. Untapped potential + low opportunity for educated women = high cost on too many levels. Let's train female students in QC, train them to train female workers, and give them a powerful role. Better Quality, Greater Equality.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Trust+  is an healthcare oriented educational mobile app. Trust + brings parents and kids together at the same platform at the same time and help them discussing about sexual health without being uncomfortable.

Irish Men's Sheds Association

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Men’s Sheds in Ireland are many things;a place for men to come together in community,to spend time in, talk, laugh, and often–to create.With different generations of men together,Men’s Sheds’ projects often involve showing/learning of traditional craft skills.IMSA will nurture this aspect of Sheds.