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Human Rights and Leadership Based on Culture Values advance Countryside Areas to 2020 Vision

INTRODUCTIONOur task is to foster a network of village leaders who aim to develop accessible solutions to human right challenges, advance it and access to justice through ethical engagement. Village and local leaders had not the chance to attend the school that they use traditional leadership in their everyday journey however the country is moving faster towards development that all systems in leadership could be interchanged to modern assets.



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Common Ground

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Gender stereotypes often have a detrimental role in our society: from the scarcity of women in science to the prevalence of sexual violence in men. We encourage girls and boys to develop a critical perspective on gender stereotypes, finding their own way of being a woman, a man, a human being.


for profit

To feel empathy for someone, you must FEEL empathy. Many of us, especially men, have been taught to ignore our emotions. iFeelio gives young men a completely private space on their phones to express their emotions as they happen. **Feel your feelings so you can connect with others.**

Retraining The Village

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Retraining The Village is a supportive service designed to bring men out of homelessness. We provide home- a place to go and meals to eat. We provide case management and housing support. Without relying on arbitrary government deadlines, Retraining The Village helps our men excel.

My Brother's Keeper TX

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

My Brother's Keeper TX is a Career/College Fair in alignment with President Obama's My Brother's Keeper Initiative that targets boys & young men of color in North, North East, and East TX and Southern Oklahoma providing them with practical career & academic advice from positive male role models.