Men's issues


The Väternetzwerk is an awareness and communication program for fathers in companies.
They shall be able to engage in both their roles as employees and fathers and shall be seen and valued in both equally. With the Väternetzwerk we support companies in offering fathers the opportunity to obtain information, exchange ideas and bring both roles into line. Lectures, workshops and events form the core of our nationwide program.

Alternative School


The Alternative School is an alternative to incarceration for men of color between the ages of 18-30 who are convicted of drug related charges with a sentence of 4-5 years. Rather than going to prison, these young men will receive a college education & leadership & entrepreneurship training.

New entry

The developing trend of men becoming caretakers underscores the need to provide a program that helps men achieve by focusing on their involvement in their families. Pathways for Men, which will help young men become better fathers, will create stronger families and communities.

Men's Story Project

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Male gender norms must be transformed around the world, toward health & justice for all. The Men's Story Project brings critical dialogue on masculinities into public forums, through men’s own stories. We help groups create live storysharing productions, mass media and educational tools & campaigns.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Decades of research has found that challenging rigid gender norms and inequities are a key to improving life outcomes for at-risk youth. Yet programs and policies ignore gender, or disconnect it from race and class. TrueChild helps organizations reconnect social justice with gender justice.