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Aware the peoples about SHRHR

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Through awareness seminars/Trainings/Meetings on that big issue of Sexual Health & Reproductive Health Rights I believe I can do create a great change among peoples of Pakistan than I will transfer this campaign to all over the world. We will have a schedule of Seminars/Trainings/Meetings on this issue......

Newark Now-Village Capital: Using the Power of Peer Support to Build Enterprises and Create Hope

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We seek to use the power of peer support to help individuals with entrepreneurial talent and capability find resources, partnerships, and investment dollars to build livelihoods for themselves and their family. Specifically, we seek to pilot the Village Capital model—a peer-to-peer investment model demonstrated worldwide at the venture capital level—to enable the 300-plus alumni of Newark Now’s Fathers Now program to build their own small businesses. In doing this, we hope to create a roadmap for peer groups in low-income communities worldwide to create their own prosperity.

Hombres en contra de la Violencia y el Abuso : Nuevas Ideas Acerca de los Hombres y la Masculinidad

En 1991, Harish Sadani contestó un anuncio de un diario que decía lo siguiente: “Buscado: Hombres que creen que las mujeres no existen para ser golpeadas”. Harish fue uno de los 205 hombres que respondieron el anuncio, el cual fue publicado por un prominente periodista Indio.

Después de un año de reuniones con hombres que pensaban de manera similar a la suya, Sadani decidió lanzar su propia organización sin fines de lucro, Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA) (Hombres en contra de la Violencia y el Abuso). Esta es la primera organización masculina en la India en intervenir directamente en contra de la violencia basada en el género en contra de las mujeres.


“Como hombre, siempre me sentí incómodo, cuando nos etiquetaban como perpetradores, como responsables”, explica Sadani. “Sentí que si podía poner en marcha un mecanismo que trabajara cerca de los hombres, esto haría posible que cambiara los estereotipos sociales presentes hasta el día de la fecha. Los hombres siempre han sido considerados como el problema, pero yo considero que es necesario también involucrarlos en el proceso para lograr la solución” acentúa Sadani.


Yorkshire Man Mini Manual

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The Men's Health Forum now has a long track record of producing tailor-made health information specifically for men ('Mini Manuals') in partnership with a broad range of other organisations. The Yorkshire Man Mini Manual represents the most recent and best example of this approach to engaging men with a gender-specific health promotion resource.

THE RED TENT Urban Installations

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Innovative Campaign on Sexual and Reproductive Rights in pregnancy, delivery and puerperium. It is composed by urban installations, information and opinion shaping activities.Main goal: discourage the idea of pregnancy-illness, pregnancy-medicalization (WHO), responsible of unnecessary practices. Dissociate the "patient" label from pregnant women, as if they were suffering from a disease. Since we

Kickstarting Social Change Through Football in Brazil and Argentina

New leaders are emerging in the soccer world of Brazil and Argentina who use football as a catalyst for social change and development. They parallel the achievements of Brazil's Seleção and La Albiceleste of Argentina—two of the most decorated teams in football history that have been represented over the years by some of the most dynamic and celebrated players ever to have worn their countries' colors.

During the 2010 World Cup In South Africa, Brazil and Argentina hired Dunga and Diego Maradona, respectively, to manage their national teams. Despite their limited coaching experience, both managed to silence critics with successes on the pitch. Brazil entered the World Cup as the top ranked team and Argentina seemed to have found its form at just the right time.

Soccer Tournament for Ending Gender Based Violence and Futbol Para Pensar are entries in Changing Lives Through Football, Changemakers and Nike's collaborative competition for using football to create social change. Finalists will be announced and voting begins on July 27, 2010. Winners are eligible to win a total of US $90,000 in prizes.

“LA CARPA ROJA” Instalaciones Urbanas

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Campaña Innovadora sobre los DDSSRR. en el embarazo, parto y puerperio. Consta de Instalaciones Urbanas, actividades informativas y formativas de opinión. Principal objetivo: desalentar la idea de embarazo-enfermedad, embarazo-medicalizacion (OMS), responsable de prácticas innecesarias. Divorciar el rotulo “PACIENTE” de mujeres embarazadas, como si padecieran de alguna enfermedad. Desde niñas nos

Men Against Violence and Abuse: New Ideas About Men and Masculinity

In 1991, Harish Sadani answered an Indian newspaper advertisement that read, “Wanted: Men who believe that women are not for battering.” He was one of 205 men who responded to the ad, which had been posted by a prominent Indian journalist.

After a year of meetings with those like-minded men, Sadani decided to launch the nonprofit organization, Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA). It is the first men's organization in India to intervene directly against gender-based violence on women.

“As a man, I always felt uncomfortable when we were tagged as the perpetrators," Sadani said. ”I felt that I could get a mechanism in place that would work closely with men, that this would help change their societal stereotypes. Men have always been viewed as the problem, but I think that it is necessary to involve them in the solution making process, too.”

Footballers for Life

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Footballers 4 Life is a national intervention programme conceived by retired PSL players and Matchboxology, guided by JHHESA, with funding, endorsement and support received from USAID and PEPFAR. The coach use their celebrity status to address everyday issues that individuals (particularly men) face, i.e. HIV, sexuality, finance, drinking, drugs, handling stress, violence and problem solving.

Campeonato de Futebol contra violência de gênero - Vencedor prêmio regional - Brasil!

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Engaging men in critical reflections on constructions of gender roles, through group educational activities for example, are a key part in addressing their use of violence against women. Nevertheless, it is often challenging to recruit and retain men in such groups. To address this challenge, we have developed an intervention within the format of a four-month amateur football tournament (with workshops and a community campaign) in the belief that the popularity of the sport will help to motivate men to join and continue with the intervention.