Public Participation & Engagement



Visibility is an online platform to connect the actors in the social sector from citizens, beneficiaries, professionals, organizations, and governments to learn, connect and collaborate.

Visibility offers a knowledge center, marketplace to help everyone understand what works and what is needed.


Zahnräder Konferenz 2013

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Das Ziel von der Zahnräder Konferenz ist es ein starkes Netzwerk von engagierten Muslimen zu schaffen und Wissenstransfer zu ermöglichen, um das gesellschaftliche Engagement von Muslimen für die Gesellschaft zu fördern und das Leben in Deutschland positiv mitzugestalten.


What's up Bharat

for profit

What’s up Bharat is a hub, network and new media platform that delivers services for people who want social change in India. Our tagline is Art-Ideas-Action or Kala-Kalpana-Karma.

Our mission is to connect the youth of India with the resources/networks they need and to inspire, engage and empower them on social change through art, ideas and action.

We have a three step process for change:
• Inspire through Art (kala) – using it to connect across socio-economic divides
• Engage through Ideas (kalpana)– using innovative polling and multimedia curation

People Power , For the People by the People

This is an Idea under development.
Create an online environment that allows people to voice opinion and vote on subjects raised by the Elected mediator/s.
Organisation is not for profit, Designed for the people by the people. Sponsorship would only come from elected parties that have only the interests of the people and the good of the planet in mind.
The organisation would be constantly evolving to suit the needs of the people and led by all through mediators / knowledge d advisers.
This online environment would be divided into Segments :Local,State,National,Region,World wide.

Youth Davidson

Youth Davidson is the manifestation of our hope to create an entirely youth led service initiative within the local community. Our initial goal is to foster interest and desire for civic engagement within middle and high school students. From there, students will create service projects for issues they identify in the community.

Patient Leaders


We are focused on helping to develop a new generation of health leaders. Patient Leaders are the patients, service users and carers with the passion, commitment, knowledge and skills to become agents of change. They are effective and influential leaders who can improve the quality of health services, promote health within their communities and collaborate with others to generate solutions to the current health care problems.