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Health and Wellness Action Advocates

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The Health and Wellness Action Advocates (HWAA) is an interactive advocacy group promoting mental health throughout San Francisco.  The economic downturn has brought about devestating budget cuts and service eliminations.  HWAA fosters the community collaboration and growth needed to protect and expand mental health services. 

Off the Rocks Theater



In the spring of 2008, a clinical therapist, Ms Lubitsh began a pilot project “Off the Rocks” that moved theater arts to a new level. In Feb 2009, the project culminated with Ms Lubitsh directing the hit stage production titled “Sweet” at the Out North Theater.



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Fighting Crooked Politics? Build Citizen Muscle!

In Paraguay, the phrase "I have a friend" is uttered all too often, often accompanied by a wink and a nod. It’s usually a tip-off that someone in power is ready to break the law. One word for it is corruption, and Paraguay has seen a lot of it: The UN once labeled Paraguay one of the most corrupt countries in Latin America.  But it’s happening a lot less these days, thanks to three citizens who decided enough is enough.