Citizen participation

Smartkids Foundation

The project aims at educating exceptionally bright kids in Ghana. It selects kids based on performance in basic education programmes. These kids could otherwise not pursue further education. When the kids and their parents agree on pursuing further education with the aid of the Smartkids Foundation, the kids sign a contract. In this contract, they pledge to help the Smartkids Foundation once they have finished their education and have gotten a job. The idea is that these bright people will be able to help their own country.


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La jeunesse ne gâche rien

Alex Lin, âgée de 15 ans  répare des ordinateurs pour des  familles défavorisées.

Avec de faibles connaissances mais avec du génie, un groupe d´amis remet à neuf des ordinateurs hors d´usage pour les donner aux gens qui en ont besoin.

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Educate! -- Educating and Empowering Africa's Future Leaders

Through an innovative two-year program of study, guided by Ugandan university graduates and emphasizing critical thinking, personal engagement, and mentoring, Educate! supplements the traditional curriculum of partner secondary schools in Uganda to prepare students to be socially responsible leaders in their communities and throughout the country.  By challenging students to become responsible leaders and to develop social enterprises that address community needs, Educate!



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IkamvaYouth is a by-youth, for-youth non-profit organisation that enables disadvantaged South African youth to get themselves out of poverty and into university. Its simple but comprehensive model is highly effective, and ensures that learners get the grades, information, skills and support they need to move from secondary to tertiary education.

Visions of Youth

Our idea is to compile portraits and short statements from Pittsburgh youth and with their input, create a digital slideshow that will be projected on public buildings throughout Allegheny county. The student statements will focus on young people's ability to think globally and analyze their place and identity within their society, their school, their neighborhood, their state, their country, as well as, within the world.