Citizen participation

Four Corners of Pittsburgh Mural Project

 The Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural Project will collaborate with youth from several neighborhoods around Pittsburgh to create a mural depicting a singular vision of Pittsburgh. Participants will be identified from youth organizations which we have collaborated with in the past such as, the Kinsley Association, Hill House Association, Hosanna House, Father Ryan's Art Center, and the Sara Heinz House.

Mug Shot: Personal Ceramics as Public Art

Engaging youth voices in the future of the city, the Union Project will create 1,500 individual pieces of art with at risk youth to be distributed to the artists -- young people at risk -- and the surrounding community, rather than creating a single piece of art to be shown publicly, . The young artists will be asked to address an important central question: What is Your Dream for the Future?

AMP ALIVE! - A Living Amphitheater

A dynamic space of inspiration, and a monumental site for local youth and the community-at-large. An outdoor, sculpted-earth amphitheater will provide a flexible arena for a variety of events, speaking for those who help design and construct it, and speaking to those who will gather within its bounds. The amphitheater will be the product of a community-based process commencing with forums to gather input from kids, teens and community members to reflect the needs and aspirations of our youth population.

Democracia electrónica

E-democracy es una organización que combina internet y el correo electrónico para fortalecer la democracia. Con su nombre real y una participación máxima de dos mensajes por día, vecinos y representantes políticos pueden discutir y compartir temas de interés local o nacional.

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Democracia eletrônica

Fóruns on-line mantêm cidadãos conectados, conversando entre si e com o governo sobre o que importa para eles, desde bebedouros nos parques   à próxima eleição local .

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“Millions of people got excited about how the net could be used to help the political process during the last election,” says Steve Clift of the United States presidential campaign, “but if people only focus on the national level, it will become one big partisan grinder!” 

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Démocratie électronique

E-democracy est une organisation qui combine Internet avec le courrier électronique afin de renforcer la démocratie. Avec un nom réel et la participation au maximum de deux messages par jour, les voisins et les représentants de la politique peuvent discuter et partager différents sujets d’ intérêt national et local.

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Viendo las cosas claramente

Un gobierno sólido necesita que la información fluya libremente. Cuando falta este ingrediente clave, organizaciones como estas toman cartas en el asunto para asegurarse de que el público está siendo educado y de que el liderazgo está siendo llevado a cabo de manera responsable.