Democracy & voting


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

POLITEIA 2.0 is a platform for political innovation that develops digital and physical applications for the reinvention of Democracy. Information campaigns, web apps, educational trainings, cultural events and social design labs aim to create new theories and applications of Democracy for Greece.

The Aunties:


Originating from the shadow of the Parthenon and in the form of an international digital magazine/radio podcast, "The Aunties" is a call to action to Aunties, Mothers and Grandmothers the world over to act defiantly to "Take the Planet Back" from the brink of an unprecedented resource crisis.

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

FOX 'News' has succeeded in creating the huge gap between the rich and the poor by spreading misinformation and fear mongering. seeks to neutralize those negative effects by equalizing the political flow on information.

I Choose Infinity

I commenced to transfer seed patterns of change to motivated people all over the world. To people who believe in the infinite creative potential of each & every human being.

In Greece, and worldwide, these patterns will have an exponential effect.

I Choose Infinity. Do You?

Direct Democracy App

Current democracy is called representative democracy, it has its limitations, and it’s like a blank check to a government during a legislature.
The Direct Democracy App we propose, is a mobile app which allows citizens to promote a debate in Congress and also vote a proposal done by the parliamentary groups.
It lets citizens to vote securely and individually using the highest criptostandars known.

Micro-referendum Tool


The Micro-referendum Tool is an initiative, which enables the local self-government in Armenian communities to engage their constituency in local level decision-making through SMS-polls, and providing people safe environment for expressing opinions on community development priorities.



Powerline provides the missing infrastructure needed for civic engagement and democracy in the 21st century. Our app automatically connects individuals to elected leaders and civil society groups for prioritized, two-way interaction that enables leaders and citizens alike to break through the noise.


for profit

voXup helps information flow through communities in a way that's centred on local issues, not politicians, institutions or ideologies. Users give a 1-second opinion on each issue, and are notified when a representative responds to that issue. Representatives quickly see what matters to constituents.



Powerline is dedicated to strengthening democracy and enabling feedback loops in any community. Our app automatically connects individuals to their elected leaders and groups for prioritized, two-way communications that enable leaders and citizens alike to break through the noise.xxxxxxxxxxx