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My city budget


Citizens should be involved in the topic of public budgets. The aim of "my city budget" is to provide an online game where citizens can decide on how they would allocate the budget of their city. They then can compare their version with the actual city budget and get an idea of what that would mean.



¿Qué opinan los ciudadanos que NO se sienten representados por sus representantes? -Muchos ciudadanos están a disgusto con la instauración de políticas públicas que no los benefician. Nosotros acercamos a los representados con sus representantes para dar pauta sobre lo que estos últimos deben hacer.

Model Westminster


Model Westminster is a new educational simulation of British Parliament, which will be delivered to students throughout London. For two days of the year, pupils will maintain and manage their own constituency. From budgeting, to lobbying participants will have to address tough policy challenges.