Democracy & voting

The Path To Better World


Setting in motion a worldwide race to better the world.

A Grand system is designed to set in motion a worldwide race to better the world through empowerment of individuals, participation of entire society, and remuneration of betterment and universalization of betterment.

case tracker


A web platform to aggregate & highlight news on a case by case basis, specifically those that are under-reported/censored, in the main stream media. A timeline assigned for each case, and it is declared "open" till a conclusion is reached. Sharing such "open" cases and creating awareness on them.

American Civix Technologies: Project Engage


A strong democracy cannot survive in a networked society without informed, engaged citizens who are connected to their elected leaders. Today, there is no interactive digital link between citizens and their representatives. As such, there can be no true accountability for leaders to respond to constituents between elections. Our unique technology enables a person to provide their home address and get linked to each of his/her federal, state, and local elected leaders.


for profit

LoveGov's mission is to facilitate democracy. We believe in non-partisanship, government transparency and the right to personal privacy.

LoveGov is a non-partisan platform that is simplifying politics by creating a central place for politics online. We are making it easy to stay informed and get involved. On LoveGov citizens can learn about the issues, express their views, connect with like-minded people and then take collective action.


How it could be different


How it could be different is a website where one can easily see, vote on, comment on, share, and suggest current, innovative ideas in different categories. The site can be thought of as a "Wikipedia for ideas" or a "democratic TED." By collecting ideas in one place and explaining them in an abridged way, How it could be different is able to:

• make it easy to learn about and spread ideas to improve issues, programs, products, and policy
• cause inspiration in thinking about how the world could be different
• determine which ideas and innovations people most support

a (DontShutUp)

for profit

So, with our idea, which we have been able to take from a conceptualization to a beta-phase web site in three years, we want to bring democracy, transparency and justice right into anyone´s reach.

We do strongly believe that nowadays is possible allowing people to decide what kind of society they want to live in, a place where we can decide what are the laws that we want and which do not, as oppossed to being just mighty´s checkerboard pawns.

Real justice must be a right available at anyone, not pending on anything.


American Truth Commission

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The American Truth Commission is a state of California LLC (limited liability company). Media Alliance (Oakland, CA) is the Commission's 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor.

Program Implementation Plan


National discussion of democratic philosophy and of U.S. antidemocratic conduct and its enduring impact on American democracy. Topics will include:

Modern voter suppression legislation/extralegal schemes.

Financial corruption of U.S. economic and government systems.

“Culture War” against the U.S. Constitution’s call to “promote the
General welfare.”