Casa de Cura e Nascimento

A Casa de Cura e Nascimento é um espaço que visa o atendimento ao parto natural e a formação, resgate e valorização do trabalho das parteiras tradicionais, que promove o parto e nascimento de crianças da comunidade num ambiente seguro e respeitoso, que assegura a escolha e autonomia da família.

Proyecto Ruaj

for profit

El uso, de la voz, el sonido, como recursos no invasivos en reequilibrar estados de perturbaciones emocionales , mentales, reduccion de stress y sintomas corporales.
Cambios de la “ Frecuencia interna “ de la persona .Un abordaje terapeutico para crear un ambiente vibratorio contenedor, de intercambio y de curacion.

Community systemic approach

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

An opportunity to know techniques to develop a therapy of multiples impacts in which experiences and dynamics provide a space for listening that facilitates a self care process that is necessary to face patient's challenges and stress with high leading power.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Salvaguardar y Mejorar la calidad vida de los pacientes que sufren de Lupus en Nicaragua, a través de dos vías.
1. Crear un Instituto de Especialidades Medicas que brinde la atención integral al paciente.
2. Enseñar acerca del Autocuido.
Para disminuir la Morbi-mortalidad y mejorar el pronóstico de vida.

Womens Empowerment for Global Change

Create an organization that brings women back to their core and empowers them to take action in making their lives joyful and inspired by reminding them that they are co-creators of their reality. Bring women back to their roots of wisdom, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Remind them that their grandest purpose is in service to others. We believe that women hold the key to the future. It is our vision to inspire and empower women to live life in bloom.

stillwater watch dogs

a community group,composed of many diverse individuals, that coalesced together around the central theme,of increased citizen participation at city hall.
this group led and founded by Dr.Williams successfully led a motley group of citizens to protest the tearing down of a park frequented by primarily, African American males ,participating in intense games of street ball on one side of the park, and the other side are 3 towering oak trees, that provide shade for elderly widows and their canine companions.it was a well used small urban park.



stillwater oklahoma
United States
36° 6' 23.1048" N, 97° 4' 32.4156" W

Real Food Campaign

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Real Food Campaign (RFC) strengthens our bodies and our planet by engaging farmers in operational changes that improve the nutrient quality of their food and the health of their fields. While doing this, RFC is building the infrastructure to shift the way agriculture is practiced. RFC educates organizations, policy makers, retailers and consumers on the benefits of Nutrient Dense Food, while developing the grassroots and virtual networks to track, certify and promote it.